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terms and conditions for donations

You donate to the following receiving party:

JJ IJzereef Holding BV, with its registered office in Hengelo,

with office in Hengelo, Oldenzaalsestraat 570, 7558PX,

registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number

30094401, hereinafter referred to as: H + P .

Available by email:

Article 1 (definitions)

1.1. Donation: An amount of money donated to H+P by the giving party, or  goods in kind.

1.2. Donation form: Means to make an online donation to H+P.

1.3. Giving party: The natural or legal person who makes a donation to H+P by means of iDEAL, or by means of an electronic authorization, or by means of the website of H+P, or who signs up as a regular sponsor/donor.

1.4. Bylaws: H+P aims to create and distribute free podcasts.

1.5. Online donation: Giving money through an electronic payment system or  through an electronic authorization via the website of H+P to H+P.

1.6. Receiving party: The legal entity H+P that receives a donation based on the agreement, which is used for the implementation of the  objective.

1.7. Agreement: The distance agreement between receiving party and  giving party.

1.8. Distance agreement: An agreement in which, in the context of a system for donating until the conclusion of the agreement, organized by the receiving party, exclusive use is made of one or more techniques for distance communication.

Article 2 (applicability)

2.1. These terms and conditions apply to any online donation to  H+P.

2.2. By donating online, the giving party agrees to these terms and conditions  .

2.3. H+P reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions in the interim.

Article 3  ( rights of receiving party, JJ IJzereef Holding BV )

3.1. Online donations fully benefit H+P.

3.2. H+P is completely free to allocate these online donations, taking into account any wishes of the donor with regard to specific projects.

3.3. Ownership of the donated amount will pass to H+P after the donated amount is credited to H+P's bank account.

3.4. Liability: H+P accepts no liability for damage to the  side of the giving party as a result of the donation made by the giving party. The giving party indemnifies H+P against all claims from third parties for damage suffered by those third parties as a result of the donation of the giving party  to H+P.

Article 4   ( rights giving party )

4.1. The giving party has no right to obtain information about the progress  of H+P's projects.

Article 5   ( duties JJ IJzereef Holding BV )

5.1. H+P undertakes to spend the amounts received in accordance with the objective.

5.2. H+P takes appropriate technical and organizational measures with regards to the security of communication, personal data, electronic  transfer of data and online donations, and ensures a safe web environment. This is a best efforts obligation. H+P accepts no liability under this obligation.

5.3. All persons who, on behalf of H+P, are authorized to take cognizance of the personal data  are bound by the confidentiality of this data.

Article 6   ( duty party )

6.1. To enter into an agreement with receiving party, giving party must be at least 18 years old. By entering into an agreement, the  giving party declares that it meets this age limit.

6.2. Giving party under the age of 18 may only make an online donation or an online  registration as a regular sponsor/donor in the presence of and with  approval from a parent or guardian;

6.3. If necessary, the giving party provides its correct identity information.

6.4. The giving party only makes donations with resources that he/she is allowed to dispose of and over which he/she has control.

Article 7   ( processing personal data )

7.1. H+P processes the personal data provided to H+P by the issuing party in accordance with all (legal) regulations regarding the data to be processed, including in particular the regulations laid down by or pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act.

7.2. These personal data are processed by H+P for the purpose of entering into donorships.

7.3. The giving party has the right to check whether the data registered by H+P is correct, the right to correction if the data turns out to be incorrect, and the right to delete the registered data.

Article 8 (final provisions)

8.1. The disclaimer and the privacy statement that H+P uses are fully applicable.

8.2. The parties declare that Dutch law applies.

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