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collective consciousness evolution


survival consciousness
unified consciousness

podcasts created by Hans and Pauline

paintings and website: Sophia van Es


what's going on;  
the transition

what's going on? the transition from survival consciousness to unified consciousness is broadly discussed. explanation about the two paintings on this website.

Human Consciousness
Unified Consciousness


the survival consciousness explained in depth: what are the main characteristics of this collective consciousness? how the brain rules our everyday reality.

Human Consciousness


the unified consciousness is being discussed in detail: what is it, and how does it differ from the survival consciousness? what your life can look like, when your locus of control is the higher self.

Unified consciousness


what the transitional phase from survival consciousness to unified consciousness looks like: by which characteristics can this phase be recognized? tips to experience this phase more smoothly.

Unified Consciousness and Human consciousness

next podcast: coming soon

Unified Consciousness


the video explains how we create and perceive our reality. it summarizes the collective survival consciousness, through a model of the three levels (perspective, perception and beliefs) we use to make sense of reality.

about Hans and Pauline

Hans is an urban hermit, who has decided to share his story and theory with the world.

Pauline is a storyteller, publishing books and texts with people who have wonderful stories to tell. 

to invite Pauline for a collaboration, click here 

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